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About Me

Up until 2014 I mainly worked as a welder within the VVS-industry, but due to a work-related nerve damage in my leg I had to re-evaluate my work situation. This eventually lead to me getting a job as a social worker at a home for families with various types of psychosocial issues in the early 2015. It was a really interesting job, where I met people from all social and ethnic backgrounds..

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Over the years I have had the opportunity to try a lot of various jobs, while still managing to build myself at an educational level. The big diversity of jobs and education I have been accumulating over the years is one of my biggest strengths.

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Here you can read a more in-depth description of the various types of jobs I have had, what they mean and in which ways they have helped me develope as an employee as well as a person.

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There are various ways to contact me, depending on the reason you seek contact. Please check my "contact" page for more info.

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