Zanno Jacklin

Psychology Student

Personal Assistant - Jengla Omsorg AB

To work as a personal assistant for people with various types of disabilities requires a certain type of person. Since most of the time you will be working alone, you will miss out on the social interaction that goes on between co-workers at most workplaces. Depending on the person you work with/for and their situation, you might have to work weekends, evenings, nights and holidays. And you will always have full responsibility for the person you are the caretaker of.

But it's also a fun and fulfilling job, where you follow and care for a person for a longer period of time. You are there to celebrate birthdays, when he or she is at work, during vacations and mych much more. You become like a familymember, simply put. Even though the person I was working with was able to do a lot by himself, he still needed assistance 24/7, which means a huge responsibility for the assistant. You are in charge of everything from making sure he or she is getting their personal hygiene taken care of to see to it so that he or she has a meaningful life whenever you are with them.

It is not uncommon for people who need assistance to have one or more psychiatric diagnosis, such as autism. This also means that you as a person have to be calm, overly clear and make sure not to make promises you can't be sure to keep. The slightest change of plans can become a really big deal for some of these people.

Supervisor - Kamgarn Center For Disabled People

Kamgarn is a day-center for people with various disabilities in Borås, Sweden. I've had this job as an extra-job on and off since early 2017. For the most part I have been working extra when regular personel has been sick or had their vacation. The section I have been working most at is their Newspaper section (or computer section, as it's also called). Here I have been in charge of 6-8 people who has as their job to write, editing and publishing a newpaper twice every year. The paper is usually about things they do at their work, as well as things they enjoy doing and sometimes reader-contests.

My job has been to oversee and help planning the work on the paper, as well as going on roadtrips to specific places the workers wish to write about. I have also been in charge of the editing, finishing touch and finally the printing of the paper.

Personal Assistant - 7H Assistans

This is the exact same job as mentioned earlier. The person I worked as a personal assistant for changed assistance company from one to another, and I followed him to the new place.

Social Worker - FAM-Huset

2015 I was able to leave the hard work as a welder behind me, and start another work that was also hard - but in a different way. At FAM-Huset I was working with pregnant mothers and families with children up to 13 years old, which had some type of psychosocial problems. This meant that I was a contactperson for a family that was placed in our care by the social services. It was my job to follow the family on a day-to-day basis, asses their strengths and weaknesses as a parent, have weekly meetings with the parents and regular contact with social services. Part of my job was also to collect and compile necessary data on the families, and eventually suggest which measures, if any, the social services should apply for the families.

It was a really interesting work, where I came in contact with people from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures. And it was a place where I felt that I was really making a change to these childrens lives. Sometimes I had to make hard descisions, but I knew it was what was best for the children at the time. Other times everything went well, and the families could go home together and contibue to live their lives together as a family.

Work like this requires that you are professional and don't get personally attached to the work you are doing. It's easy to feel sympathy for the families you work with, and of course you want them all to go home and live happily ever after. But unfortunately the reality is that sometimes they can't. And no matter how much you feel for the parents and their children, and want them to be together, toy always have to see to what's best for the children. Some people can't bare those descisions, but I can. Part of it is because I grew up with a mother who was an addict myself, and I know that staying with parents who lives a destructive life is not good for anyone.

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