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Always looking for a challange!

Since 2017 I've mainly been a psychology student at the university of Gothenburg. My reasoning for start studying at the age of 38 was not to pursue a specific career, but because I wanted to "get smarter" as I so eloquently worded it back then. That is still true today, as I'm a curious person by nature and feel that there's so much I don't know but would like to. I'm used to have a lot on my plate, and I have been working more or less full-time during my studies. That's how I like it, my creativity is at it's peak when I have several different things I'm working at. Some might think of it as being scatterbrained, but I often find ideas or solutions for one thing while I'm working at something completely different. If things go according to my plans (as if things ever go as planned!), I will have my bachelor's degree in psychology by june 2022. Once that is out of the way, I am really hoping to get the opportunity to continue studying for a mastr's degree in psychology. Where things go from there, nobody knows!

I have several side-project I'm working at, the latest being Project Creepybits. Project Creepybits started off as me being curious about NFT's, and decided to have a go at it. I quickly found out that I'm not much of an artist though, but I keep struggling and practicing. I also realized what an extremely tough competition it is on the NFT market, which makes it very hard for new artists to get seen - no matter how skilled they are. This made me wonder if I could expand Project Creepybits, and focus more att trying to help new and skilled artists to get seen.

And so I created the Creepybits (CRBT) Token. The idea is that approved artists will be able to buy the token to a reduced price, and then use the token to buy promotional spots att the Creepybits platform (under development). Artists can also send the tokens to potential customers, as a type of promotional material, which the customer later can use in order to get discount when buying art from promoted artists. And then it starts all over again, with the artist who recieved tokens as part of the payment for an NFT once again can use it for promotional spots or as promotional material to customers.

The Creepybits Platform will not act as any type of sales platform, there are already a ton of those that are doing a great job. Creepybits will only work as a promoter of arts and artists, and will have a limited amount of promotional spots at all times. The reason for this is simple; if Creepybits had an unlimited amount of promotional spots, it will be just as hard for the artists to get noticed at our platform as with all other platforms.

Would you like to be part of Project Creepybits as a sponsor, an investor or have something else you think this project needs? Then you should send an email to with a bit of info about yourself, what you can offer, and at which level you would like to contribute at.

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