Zanno Jacklin

Psychology Student

About Me

Hi, I am Zanno Jacklin

  • Amateur Web Designer
  • Aspiring Blockchain Developer
  • Psychology Student
  • Writer

Up until 2014 I mainly worked as a welder within the VVS-industry, but due to a work-related nerve damage in my leg I had to re-evaluate my work situation. This eventually lead to me getting a job as a social worker at a home for families with various types of psychosocial issues in the early 2015. It was a really interesting job, where I met people from all social and ethnic backgrounds. I describe the work more in-depth at my Work page.

The job as a social worker made me interested in how people work, why they act the way they do and why some people end up in trouble whilst others with similar background didn't. At 2018 I left the job as a social worker and started to study psychology at the university of Gothenburg, and at the same time I also got a job as a personal assistant for a man with physical and mental disabilities. The job was an excellent fit together with my studies, as it was a relatively free job with flexible work hours. Between 2018 and 2021 I studied 100% and worked around 80% simultaniusly, but in early 2021 the man I was working with unfortunately passed away.

During the Covid-19 pandemic I also found myself with more free time than usual, mostly because all of my studies where done over Teams and Zoom. I used this free time to start investing at the stock market, which so far has been going pretty well. I also started to get interested in blockchain technology, crypto currencies and later on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).

I wanted to know how crypto currencies work, how they are mades and used and what gives them their value. In order to figure all these things out I learned how to develope crypto currencies in Solidity, on the Ethereum and Binance blockchain. Early in 2021 I developed my own crypto currency Creepybits, which I have attached to an ongoing project of mine that is meant to help promote new digital artists. My aim is to fully deploy project "Creepybits" during 2022.